Rudy Giuliani’s ex-wife Judith Giuliani sues him for 260k dollars 


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It appears that Rudy Giuliani has once again found himself in the headlines of the media after he landed in some serious legal trouble after his former wife Judith Giuliani decided to sue him for roughly around twenty hundred and sixty thousand dollars and drag her former husband to court.

 Rudy Giuliani dragged to court by their former wife Judith Giuliani 

Judith Giuliani, the former wife of Rudy Giuliani, has decided to move ahead with her plan to sue her former husband and drag him to court, it appears that the legal aides of Judith Giuliani in the court of the State of New York, in which Judith Giuliani has seemingly accused her former husband Rudy Giuliani for allegedly not giving her 260000 dollars, which was the decided amount for the alimony when the duo had chosen to go separate ways at the time of their divorce, the court documents filed by the former wife of Rudy Giuliani have a subtle threat to them as they clearly mention that the failure from the end of Rudy Giuliani to appear before the court of Justice and answer its summons will lead to his arrest under the charges of contempt of court.   


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What are those 260k dollars for?

While Rudy Giuliani and Judith Giuliani were going though a divorce, the terms of separation had included an alimony, the decided amount of this alimony was summed around a total of 260k dollars, this includes the payments for her residence at a Condo in Palm Beach, the fees for a private club, the and the money to avail the services of an house keeper, Judith also mentioned that how her former husband had not been capable of to pay his share of the fees of the membership of the club, which she had to pay to uphold her reputation with the club.