Angelina Jolie was the one behind the unnamed charges of assault against Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie is the anonymous

Recently, actress Angelina Jolie was revealed to be the one who had filed the case of charges of assault on Brad Pitt 6 years back in 2016, the two share a history of romance and marriage with each other.

Brad Pitt was reported to the FBI by Angelina Jolie

Recently, it came out that the lawsuit of charges of assault against Brad Pitt was initiated at the behest of his former wife and actress Angelina Jolie, while moving ahead with the lawsuit she had claimed how it was her husband Brad who had engaged in constantly violent behavior with her. If a report made in the Puck some years is to be assumed correct, then Angelina had also revealed to an investigator from the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FBI how Brad Pitt had gone to stoop as low as to physically abuse her and their children while talking about the incident of abuse, she told that this event occurred when the family was traveling aboard an airplane, in the statements made by Jolie while she was being questioned by the investigators of the FBI, Angelina told how the star from the Inglorious Basterds had taken her to the back end of the plane and had pinned her by her shoulders as he kept screaming at her about he thinks she is the reason that the family is going through turmoil. Angelina went on to say about how it wasn’t the end of the miseries for her as she revealed how Brad went haywire and out of control and she had taken some injuries on her elbow, she even claimed that her former husband had even gone so far as to pour a glass of beer on her, however, the legal team of the fight club actor has denied all such accusations.


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