Kim Kardashian’s Reaction to TikTok Allegations that her niece Stormi was photo-shopped

Kim Kardashian is a well-known television personality. Is coming out after a TikToker accused her of photoshopping a photo of her other niece. Stormi, Stormi, Stormi, Stormi, Stormi, Stormi, Stormi, Stormi, Storm Kim Kardashian has reacted to charges that she altered the appearance of her boyfriend Pete Davidson. After people complained that his nose and jawline were too perfect, he decided to change it. His jawline was “snatched to the point that you people thought I faked it,” according to Kim Kardashian. “How can you edit a live photo?” he wonders aloud.

What was Kim Kardashian’s confession?

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, had a confession to make concerning earlier charges of photoshopping made by a TikToker a few months ago. In late 2021, Kim Kardashian shared a photo of her daughter, Chicago, at Disneyland with her sister Khloe Kardashian’s child, True. True’s face appears to have been superimposed over that of another Kardashian youngster, Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, according to Tik Toker’ maia chondrial membrane’. Fans quickly recognised the blatant forgery and flocked to Instagram to shame the media mogul… She’s finally confessing it now, months later.

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True’s face was posted over Stormy’s by Kim Kardashian.

After addressing the Pete Davidson photoshop issue, Kim Kardashian admitted to putting True’s face over Stormi’s, stating that Kylie had initially not wanted the photos of Stormi shared online. “Ugh, this one demands some serious explanation,” she began.  She said that pictures were initially captured by her daughter Stormi and When I asked another daughter Kylie whether I could share these pictures with you, she replied that she was not in a good mood. But it wasn’t going to sabotage my Instagram account. Chi was dressed in pink, which worked perfectly.”

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal if her own mother inquired if I snuck her to Disneyland for the first time,” Kim Kardashian said, complimenting True for “taking one for the team.” The internet’s reaction to the Photoshop controversy has been mostly negative so far, though this isn’t the first time their photo-editing habits have been called into question. This news comes only one day after Kim Kardashian launched her own TikTok account, which has already amassed 3.1 million followers.