Want to know more? What is AESPA’s net worth?


Anyone who is fond of Korean music or watched Korean shows must have heard about the AESPA YouTube channel.  If you are a true fan of Korean Music or K-POP, then you must have seen the viral or trending clips of AESPA.

If you are intrigued about its net worth or want to know how much they earn? Then this article is for you.


AESPA was founded in 2020 in South Korea. Currently, it has more than 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

AESPA is made up of four adults named Ning Ning, Giselle, Karina, and Winter. A more interesting fact about AESPA or its members is that all the four characters have their doppelganger. FLAT, is another dimension in which all the virtual doppelgangers of these members.  It’s named “s” and it is spoken or pronounced as “eyes”. These are made according to the information available online by all four members.  These can be said as virtual avatars for AESPA.

Though their channel was started a few years back, they are currently one of the most famous K-POP fourth-generation stars.

What is AESPA’s net worth?

The famous girl gang is estimated to have a value of $913,29000. Though its net worth is still being calculated. It will cost around $913 thousand according to networthspot.com.

Though net Spot Worth cannot be relied upon totally it can be more than the estimated one. The group can be more than 1.25 million dollars bringing to a new range of heights.



How does AESPA earn money?

AESPA or any other YouTube channel earns money by their views and other strategies. It is assumed that by every thousand views their earnings range from dollar 3 to 7. After this, we can calculate that the group earns more than 15 thousand dollars in a month. The group earns from advertising in their videos too.

Other than earning from uploading videos there are multiple ways more for any YouTuber to earn as they can’t solely rely on uploading videos. More methods are sponsorships, product sales, commissions, and many more.

Through all these methods they earn more than from the advertisements. AESPA is a growing channel that in coming years is going to reach heights and become sensational.