Jennifer Lopez In Hot Waters After She Made Comments About Shakira’s Performance


Jennifer Lopez AP

Fan favorites Jennifer lopez and loved Columbian star Shakira duo performance at the halftime in the super bowl of 2020 is one that fans of both stars won’t be forgetting anytime soon, the people gathered at the hard rock stadium in Miami were left awe struck by the energetic performance of Shakira and Lopez and how smoothly they fitted in with each other on stage. Now Jennifer Lopez is spilling beans about some behind the scenes which were not caught on camera in her Netlfix documentary.

Before The Performance Lopez And Shakira Facetimed Each Other

Lopez revealed to the public how Shakira and she facetimed each other, talking about some anxiety and how much more they all want to achieve, and aren’t even close to what they deserve, they talked about how everyone at the event is expecting them to be in a perfect sync.  

The Controversial Statement Made By Jennifer Lopez About Shakira And Belly Dancing

What actually got Jennifer Lopez into trouble with the netizens is that she passed some distasteful remarks when she expressed her opinion on what she feels about belly dancing, she compared the famous dance form to simply ass shaking.

The Internet’s Reaction To Jennifer Lopez Making A Statement On Belly Dancing 

The internet seems very angry with the statement made by Jennifer Lopez regarding what she feels about belly dancing, one twitter user went on in length about how inconsiderate Jennifer Lopez was when she compared belly dancing and the performance of Shakira to a simple act of shaking your ass, she also expressed her disgust at sharing the stage with Shakira and went on to say that performing of belly dance wasn’t relevant enough to be done on stage in an event on such a grand scale as the Super Bowl 2020.

Another user said how he was hurt and how the statement made Jennifer Lopez was an attack on his culture and how inconsiderate and insensitive it was