Rumors about Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton’s romance have been spreading because of a Tiktok video.

Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton's romance



If Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton ever dated, it would be shocking. Rumors about their romance have been spreading because of a brand new Tik Tok video of them. After a Tiktok video went viral, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton were the major targets. The two try to close up in the video, which has caused some to be wary about their relationship. However, there is a completely different reality than the rumors.

Relationship between Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise are said to be dating. Many folks are perplexed as to why they’d film a TikTok video with content that makes it appear as though they’re an exact couple.

In the video, a character who looks a lot like Tom, requests Paris swiftly move so that he does not miss the premiere. The actress then comes around, and they are seen striking a romantic posture while debating whether or not people think they’re a serious couple. As a result, it sparked rumors, which quickly spread around the internet. However, the person who appears in the video is not Tom Cruise. It’s a ruse, and the person in question isn’t real.



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What are ‘deep fakes’?

videos and photos that are created using AI are called ‘deep fakes’. their characteristic is that such videos are very difficult to identify from reality. It’s usually used to edit and change faces or create an artificial voice that sounds remarkably. similar to the person being emulated.


Who created the video?

Chris Umé, according to reports, is the real person behind this Tik Tok video. He spent over two months developing an artificial intelligence program to analyze Cruise’s flicks and images. The films were made with a stand-in actor, Miles Fisher, who has a similar appearance to Tom. A video of Tom and Paris eating cereal has previously gone viral on the internet. They were also created with deepfake.