Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional After Talking About Her Failure At The Oscars 

Jennifer Lopez

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

After being unable to get her name in the nominations for the Oscars, Jennifer Lopez got very emotional about it, she talks about it in her new documentary called the Halftime, it features Lopez as she is all fingers crossed about the Oscar nominations and is hoping for her name, because of her performance in the Hustlers.

Jennifer Lopez Left Heartbroken After Unable To Make Into The Oscar Nominations

Jennifer began the production of Halftime at a time when she was very excited, the documentary starts with Jennifer Lopez talking about her role and work in the Hustlers, she also mentions how she was actually expecting her first Oscar nomination but how the events did not roll out as she wanted them to and how much working in the hustlers was unique and how much it meant for her. 

Jennifer Lopez

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The documentary also features the Toronto Film Festival of September of 2019 and mentions how Hustlers premiered there.

The 52 year old celeb talked about how she supposed she stood a chance and had a nagging feeling that she disappointed everyone

How she was very emotional as the moments inched closer to the announcement of the Oscar nomination

She talks about her feeling of defeat at the Oprah’s 2020 vision tour Visionaries, Lopez tells how there was a lot of hype created around and it not being nominated made her really sad.

She has already mentioned multiple times that how the Hollywood industry needs to take her voice seriously

Jennifer Lopez Left Heartbroken After Unable To Make Into The Oscar Nominations

The singers fan left no stone unturned to show their support for her after Halftime was released, they all think that the actress deserves the Oscar, many were very vocal in expressing their words of love and support for Jennifer Lopez 

One fan went on to say how she will have their hearts always and that will be an  Oscar for her, another went ahead to say that he won’t be able to get over the fact the Jennifer Lopez not winning for the Hustlers