Meghan Markle is under fire from netizens after Oprah sat in

Meghan Markle

Last year, that is the year 2021, had a lot of memorable events, but one in particular is tragic and humorous to all at the same time, was the interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of the British Royal Family with the Oprah Winfrey on her show, where Meghan was very vocal about the treatment she was receiving from her in laws, which are the members of the British Royal family, she talked about and opened up about the blunt and unashamed racism of the British Royal Family, she is now being targeted by a famous historian who goes by the name of Antonia Fraser, who says that the interview meghan Markle did was more or less a crime, and if she was being bluntly honest it was a mistake, she talked about she so badly wanted Meghan to shut up and stop talking but that didn’t happen, she went to expose the British Royal family, Meghan also revealed that the thought of suicide had crossed her mind several times while she was staying with the royal family, which happens to be her in laws, in the United Kingdom.