Is Zendaya Pregnant With Tom Holland’s Baby?


(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME)

Spiderman starrer Zendaya made into the trending section of Twitter after a Tiktok user by the name of Ryan Robert uploaded a morphed video which was actually a post of a sonogram edited to appear as if it was posted on Zendaya’s official account.

It was made to appear that she also mentioned her boyfriend Tom Holland in the caption, read more to find out.

The Actual Video Showing Zendaya’s Sonogram

Robert had done a fine job while editing this one, he started the video where we are shown that Zendaya has posted a happy pregnancy picture on her official account, also mentioning her boyfriend Tom Holland in the caption and telling him how much she loves him and they are halfway there.

The video then moves into a slide where we can see Kris Jenner dancing and we can see a message, ‘you’ve been Kissed!’

Although fake as it was, Twitter instantly caught this on and it wasn’t late before it got viral and trending.

The Internet’s Reaction To This Fake Video

Many have milked this opportunity that presented itself in the form of the fake news of Zendaya Pregnancy to make memes and flood the internet with it.

Many, for reasons unknown, express their relief at the news being false.

The Pregnancy Rumor Is Not Something New

This wasn’t the first time of Zendaya being pregnant spread like wildfire on the internet, earlier this year in January, a photo of Zendaya, taken at some red carpet event, had been morphed to show the baby bulge to make her appear pregnant, the truth of the rumor soon came out, although there was no reaction from neither Zendaya nor her partner Tom Holland.

During the production of Spiderman: Homecoming, Tom Holland and Zendaya began to date, it is interesting that even in the film Zendaya was playing the love interest for Tom Holland, they kept their affair under wraps until 2021, when they were seen making out with each other in their car.

Zendaya will soon be seen in the challengers and the sequel of Dune, after her previous appearance in Euphoria