Is Kim Kardashian seen mistreating a cat? Have you seen her resurfaced photo?

Kim Kardashian

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In 2010, Kim Kardashian posted an image on Twitter, in which she wrote “Pic from my shoot yesterday… nice kitty kitten!”. Though it was an old photo you never know which old tweet or post can receive appreciation depreciation. 

Social Media is a game where what you have posted years back can also make you face criticism or trolling from people. She landed in a similar situation with the photo she posted more than a decade ago with the cat. She was trolled for handling the cat in a hostile manner. The image was stated as ‘disturbed’ by her followers. 

All about Kim Kardashian’s picture with the cat

The photo portrays Kim Kardashian, who is currently 41, wearing a black top when she was seen sitting in her dressing room. At that moment, she was following her “Keep Up with The Kim Kardashians”. The cat was not treated correctly, as she was holding the cat by her neck. The cat’s hair was seen falling over her shoulders. She further wrote that this is the photo from her yesterday’s photoshoot and praised the kitten by saying lovely kitten. She shared the image on Twitter.


Kim Kardashian/Twitter

With respect to the British Columbia Society, for the Prevention of cruelty to animals, said when she was picking up a kitten, one hand must be at the bottom and the second around the chest area or neck of the cat. Along with that, they added that any kitten should not be carried in the way that she is carried. Should not be carried by the nape of a kitten’s neck. 

Do you know why the cat seems crestfallen?

Prevention of cruelty to animals by British Society’s comments to avoid holding the kitten, Kim Kardashian held it in the same manner. More than 120 Reddit users didn’t agree easily that the picture they saw was posted on Sunday. 

Many users who saw the image felt bad for the cat and said she seems ‘dejected’ and ‘unhappy’. Some users even said, “I feel bad for the cat” and words like poor cat were also often used. Some users also wrote this is not cool, in this the user pointed out how Kim was holding the cat. 


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Though some users think that what she did was right or not wrong, however, it is not acceptable. People also commented on what would have happened if she had lost her grip over the cat? You should carry an animal as gently as a newborn baby.