Skybar and Foxtail of Pittsburgh shut down due to “problematic” customers amid trending videos. 

Pittsburgh’s Foxtail and Skybar


According to the reports from Foxtail, associated with Skybar, a SouthSide nightclub declared that they were closed until further information. The information came a few days after a video portrayed a smutty act that assumingly took place at the bar. The video went trending on the internet. 

Why Foxtail and Skybar were closed?

Recently, the AMPD Group’s Skybar and Foxtail were shut down on the South side of Pittsburgh for some time. The group released a statement where they mentioned that their visitors’ and employees’ safety is their first concern. The owners of Foxtail and Skybar have been shut down till the next notice comes. Additionally, they wrote that they were not aware that it will turn “problematic” for the customers and them to run a night economy business.  

They also said that they will continue to show their respect for Mayor Gainey along with Public Safety Department’s South Side Safety Initiative Plan. They ended the statement by saying that they are waiting to reopen when proper solutions are done. 

What was portrayed in the video?

The video portrayed a woman performing an obscene act/dance in front of the people present there. This information was provided by KDKA News Radio. Continuing the video, the woman was receiving lots of appreciation and applause for her vulgar dance. Also the crowd was appreciating when in private part of partially dressed woman a glass bottle was being inserted.


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The video went uploaded viral went viral and became trending. Due to this the video was put down due to the lewd act or nature of the video. 

What happened after the viral video?

The local police of Pittsburgh and the authorities in charge expressed their tendentious video that was circulated. This was as per the WPXI reports. The incident was addressed by Eugene Ricciardi, the District Justice at the Skybar. He said that the video is very shameful, and it went viral in the whole US. 

Eugene Ricciardi additionally said he has called for an immediate emergency for the whole state. He will shut down the illegal bars and bars where the problems have arisen.  Also, the police are now patrolling all the bars in the state. Also, Police are deployed near the crime scene. Also, people who were visitors of the bar at that time are banned from the institutions according to KDKA News Radio.