Do you think that Jessi is pregnant? Do you think Jay Park and Jessi are dating?


Do you think that Jessi is pregnant? Do you think Jay Park and Jessi are dating?


Nowadays no love affair can be kept hidden for long. This also gives birth to millions of rumors and fake news. Some are related to dating rumors while some are related to someone’s death. One fake news was related to Tom Holland’s death and another news getting viral is about Jay Park and Jessi’s dating. 

The social media age gives power to gossip spreading nowadays. A whole story can be written from a single line and in the end, we learn that it’s baseless. This is what happened with both Jay Park and Jessi’s dating news. The whole gossip about them dating is fake and baseless along with which Jessi being pregnant is also false.  

The rumors were spread due to the close bonding both stars have for each other. 

How did the fans react to the news of Jay Park and Jessi rumors?

Both Jessi and Park are sharing the same workplace for some time now. They have great bonding that they have also reposted each other’s posts. Due to the great bonding between them, the rumors of being in a love relationship were spread.  

The fake news was spread to the extent that fans thought Jessi is expecting or is pregnant. This is after the circulation of a few TikTok videos which gave this news. This acted as oil in the fire and then the news circulated widely. 

The news was also supported by some of the fans of both Jay and Jessi, and they shared their thoughts on the same. Fans mostly shared their opinion using Twitter. 

One admirer commented, “I’ve always assumed they were either really good friends” or lovers.” Another admirer commented said “Jessi pregnant???

Furthermore, the news was said to be already predicted in an astrology blog post of KPOP. The astrology happened at the start of the month. 

All this gossip proved to be false 

The singer, Jessi is very aware of the gossip as the singer has already mentioned it several times. In fact, she didn’t remain silent in fact told the press that the news is all fake. She denounced the news some week before. She also clarified that she is not pregnant. 

She was also requested to stop spreading fake news, on the Instagram Live platform. She also raised the question to her fans about her belly getting bigger. 


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