‘Traumazine’ the new album by Megan Thee Stallion, now released 

Megan Thee Stallion's new album 'Traumazine' drops


Megan thee stallion has now dropped her new album, which is titled Traumazine, earlier this week, she had taken to her official handles on various social media platforms and posted the picture of what is to be the cover art of her upcoming album Traumazine, she also revealed to the public the list of songs, she also admitted that the reason for all this is that details about her album, which includes not only the list of tracks but also some of the songs which weren’t released officially. The album Traumazine features a total of 18 songs, not to mention some of the guest collaborations with other musicians like Dua Lipa and the future, Megan tells that the album is a collection of a variety of assorted emotions, she goes as far as to claim that one could be twerking to her songs one moment and will be crying to them in another one.