‘Crocodile tears’, Amber’s recent Interview to Good Morning America gets slammed by Juror


(Michael Reynolds/Pool Photo via AP) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

One of the jurors from the ‘infamous’ defamation case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has come out to speak up their opinions about Amber Heard and in the very first statement, Amber’s recent interview was called crocodile tears the juror. 

To inform you about the trial, earlier last week 

Amber Heard lost the defamation lawsuit that Depp, her ex-husband sued her for after their divorce. However, the true verdict says that both the parties were guilty.

 Amber Heard faces a parallel media trial 

This is very clear that because the whole defamation trial was broadcasted live, Amber Heard has faced a parallel media trial on the internet. Fans of Johnny Depp and even people all around the world witnessed how she was caught lying during the questioning and how her claims were proved wrong by her legal team of Johnny Depp.

 Amber even became a meme

 From becoming a meme material to being scrutinized for her each and every statement, this time she decided to openly come in front of the media and tell her side of the story in the interview. However, even that interview of her where she came up with many justifications and claims, is being trolled and criticized by the people. One of the jurors seem to have taken notice of her interview and called her out for shedding ‘Crocodile tears’ in front of people to gain sympathy after losing the trial and almost ruining her career 

Who is this Juror? 

The juror is unidentified but they recently spoke to the same Good Morning America show where they were discussing some legal terms and matters of the defamation battle. In the exclusive interview to the show, the juror added the comments on Amber Heard.