Explained: Everything behind the Katy Perry controversy and Rick Caruso tweet

Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is in limelight after her controversial comment. She gave a comment on the 4th of July with respect to the Roe vs Wade case. This happened after a month she publicly showed her support for Rick Caruso. Katy Perry is a Pop Star who was bashed by the public for promoting the anti-choice businessman, Rick Caruso.

She was slammed by the users and was called a ‘hypocrite’. She was trolled as she promoted women’s abortion right just for the sake of saying it. She showed her support for the rights after the Supreme Court decision.

What was the decision?

The Supreme Court gave the judgment that abortion will be banned in a few States. This decision can also be seen as violating the fundamental rights of women. The right stripped off the right of women to choose what they want their bodies to have.

“‘Baby you are fireworks’ is a 10 but women in the US have fewer rights than a real sparkler,” the musician tweeted on July, 4th.

How is Perry connected to Rick?

The 37-year-old singer showed her support for Rick for his run-of mayor. Rick Caruso is approximately 64 and he has a history of not supporting women’s rights. He opposed the right to abortion in the past.

Suddenly there was a change in speech, as he said he will always protect women’s rights. However, the users are still dicey about his tone.


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How did users react to his change in tone?

Fans bashed him with all the comments he did in the post opposing the right to abortion. Few tweeted with the screenshot of his past comments regarding the same. Few asked the reason behind the sudden improvement. A user wrote you have always supported women’s discrimination and covered multiple sexual assaults against women at USC.

Many questions were also raised against Perry. She was asked why she showed her support for a person like him. Why does she help him when she knows he only knows how to deprive women? Why does she want him to be the Mayor of LA when he cannot support women?