DC’s ‘Batman: Tim Sale, The Long Halloween artist dies at the age of 66

Tim Sale


One of the most famous comic artists, Tim Sale passed away yesterday on June 16th. He was 66-year-old and was well known for his comic role in The Long Halloween. Sale’s career took off when he did his famous collaboration with writer Jeph Loeb.

The creative officer of DC has informed us that Tim Sale was hospitalized since last week due to his bad health though the cause of his death is still unknown to us. We will have to wait till his family and friends are ok with revealing all the details of the famous artist’s death.

Tim’s life was filled with some of the most famous superheroes

 Roger Sale, who was the father of Tim Sale, was a very famous literary critic who took his last breath in 1956, 1st May. He moved to Seattle when he was only 6 years old.

He then settled in New York City and studied at the School of Visual Arts to pursue his interest in the arts. There he also once went to learn from John Buscema’s workshop on comic art and graduated from the SAV.

Sale’s Career 

Sale began his career as an illustrator in 1983 with Myth Adventures, a fantasy book, and in 1978 with Thieves World, a shared world fantasy series. The essence and personality of Myth Adventures were complimented. Thieves’ World was originally released in 1979 and is no longer available.

The Famous collaboration

 of Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb On Batman: Year One, he eventually teamed up with Jeph Loeb. In 2011, it was produced again as an animated film with the character of Batman. It also looked at the life of James Gordon and how they met and developed a collaboration to fight Gotham’s criminal underbelly.