Do you know about Georgia Guidestone’s time capsule matter?

Georgia Guidestones

“America’s Stonehenge” is the other name of the Georgia Guidestone which came into being approximately 40 years back. It is one of the most visited tourist places for American Visitors.

After the demolishment of the old landmark of Georgia Guidestone, it has been the talk of the town and is covered by the news all the time. The demolishment also raises the hearsay of whether the time capsule has opened or not?

Unfortunately, it was demolished after the sudden explosion which occurred on July 6th, 2022. However, the real culprit behind the explosion is not known yet.

What is Georgia Guidestone’s theory?

Georgia Guidestone was covered with several languages and ancient texts. However, not everyone can read the texts written, only those who are experts in reading old texts can read them. Inscriptions engraved there are the key elements of the place.

According to the study on Georgia Guidestone, one inscription mentioned “Let these be Guidestones to an age of reason”.

There are Egyptian, Sanskrit, and Greek texts engraved on the stone. However, after the demolition of the Georgia Guidestone, the thought or assumed theory of time capsules was also demolished or buried.

According to the reports of FOX, a slab of concrete has been found on the ground where it mentions something available six feet below it. It also has written ‘to be opened on….’ Though some words are not visible.

Though no one can determine the exact time when the time capsule was concealed under the ground. But no one can deny the fact that one is there below as written on the concrete slab.

Some more rumors are spreading on social media saying that the time capsule has already been opened. It is fundamentally said on the basis that the Georgia Guidestone is now destroyed.


Time capsule story facts

The rumours of the time capsule being opened are baseless and false. The Executive Vice President of Elberton Granite Association, Chris Kubas said that the granite marker told that the time capsule is still there inside the ground.

To find out more about the time capsule a team was sent to dig in the ground where the capsule is expected. However, there was no time capsule found.

Chris further added that the assumed year of burring of the time capsule is 1982. This is two years later when the Georgia Guidestone was made.