Cardi B In Heated Debate With Twitter User About Lizzo’s Lyrics Controversy



Cardi B engaged in an online debate with a twitter user where she dragged Lizzo’s controversial lyrics.

Lizzo had found herself in a deep soup after she reportedly had some offensive lyrics in her latest single titled Grrrls, although Lizzo had won a Grammy, she was dragged under fire for her constant use of the word Spaz.

The Controversy Sparked By The Twitter User.

A twitter user going by the name of Feminist A Jones sparked a controversy when she went on about how other singer continue to use offensive words and other racist and sexist abuses, basing entire songs around them, she went to name the likes of Bronx Bombshell, she went on to say how Lizzo was particular targeted for using one single slur that was offensive against the disabled, she said how Fatphobia and racism against people of colour has a role to play in the reaction against Lizzo, she went on to say how people like Cardi B who are slim and fair skinned will always get away with such things with relative ease when compared to other women. She said this is the reality of the world they live and she does not pay much heed if people are angry at her statement.

Cardi B let out a tweet in response where she told how everyone just tries to drag her in  things where she isn’t involved, she went on to say she actually has apologized for some of the things she felt wrong but she said she cannot be at fault every time, she even had a response for a situation if she was in place of Lizzo.

The Response From Lizzo To The Controversy 

Lizzo told the internet that how a new and edited version of her aforementioned and controversial song will be released with the necessary changes done and all kinds of hurtful and derogatory language removed, she admits that she does not wish to promote any such thing.