Rapper Jay Dayungan dies after being shot in front of his Louisiana home

rapper JayDaYoungan dies

 24-year-old Jay Dayungan, a rapper hailing from Louisiana, has met his demise after he was shot in front of his home on the evening of the Wednesday that went by. 

24-year-old jay dayungan dies after being shot

 If the reports from the police department are to be believed, then the rapper Jay, who was barely 24 years old, died from being shot, he wasn’t the only one who was fired upon, his relative Kenyatta Scott Sr who had been unfortunate enough to be present with the rapper at the tragic moment, has also suffered the same fate. The incident took place around 6 pm in the evening on previous Wednesday, after he was shot, the rapper and his relative were immediately taken to the hospital, where their condition was very critical if the sources are to be believed, Jay was rushed into the operation theatre and a surgery was performed on him since he had already lost a substantial amount of blood, although, despite the best efforts of the doctor, Jay couldn’t be saved and met his demise at midnight, his relative Scott Sr, however, is now out of the harm’s way and is in a stable condition, if the sources are to believed, Scott Sr is the father of the now deceased rapper Jay Dayungan.

Who was Jay Dayungan? 

Jay dayunggan was a rapper from louisiana, he was best known for his songs like 23 island, Elimination and Opps, he had collaborated with several other rappers from the industry like Moneybag yo, Latto Boosie Badaaz, Lil Durk and many more, he also had fathered a son on the social media influencer Jordan B, in the june of this year, jay had just got released from the prison for gun charges, his original punishment had been five years long but he was released on Parole.