Chanel Williams as Harry Potter’s Professor McGonagall gets viral on TikTok

Chanel Williams, the Harry Potter parody queen on TikTok, is winning hearts all over the world. You must see her vids if you haven’t already done so. While Harry Potter has a substantial and hard-to-ignore fan base. Adding to that is the new queen Chanel parody, which makes the wizards appear humorous to all. But what makes Chanel Williams’ TikTok videos so unique?

Chanel Williams, who is she?


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Chanel Williams is a social media celebrity that can be found on almost every social media network. TikTok has one of her most popular videos. Her TikTok account has a following of about 2.5 million people. Her Instagram account has around 225k followers.

We also have her YouTube account, which has around 170k subscribers. Chanel, on the other hand, is a mystery. Her most popular work, which keeps her in the spotlight, is her Harry Potter-related videos.

Chanel Williams has gone famous as the Harry Potter spoof queen.

TikTok, on the other hand, offers a wide range of stuff to watch. Chanel Williams rose to prominence as a result of her Harry Potter parody videos. Her spoof videos, on the other hand, feature her as Professor Minerva McGonagall. Her videos have amassed hundreds of millions of views. Her hilarious take on Professor McGonagall is impossible to overlook. Chanel is a Harry Potter fanatic. Her videos on it, on the other hand, make everyone giggle. As a result, her spoof videos are becoming increasingly popular.

@chanwills0 People in theirs houses like 👁👄👁 #hptiktok #harrypotter #fyp ♬ original sound – Chanel Williams

Fans’ reactions to Chanel Williams’ Harry Potter parody video

Harry Potter is a novel written by J. K. Rowling, which is directed as a movie as well. In the Harry Potter books, there is magic and adventure. This time, fans of Chanel Williams spoof videos got to experience something new. Harry Potter fans were enthralled by Chanel’s funny take on Professor McGonagall.

However, one of her TikTok videos had over 6 million views. While the remainder of her videos have also received millions of views. Not to mention, her celebrity has provided her the opportunity to work on campaigns. Amazon Prime Video, Wooga Games, and more are among the brands available. With her viral videos, Chanel has become a Harry Potter parody queen. Not just on TikTok, but all over the internet, this is becoming increasingly popular.