Tristan Thompson Apparently Avoiding Face Off With Maralee Nichols Over Child Support Case 

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson and Maralee Nichols appear to be trapped in a stalemate as they fight a legal battle over the child support case.

As per reports from the Us Weekly, the NBA player seems to be constantly avoiding an appearance in court and is trying to delay it as much as he possibly can.

The Current Condition Of Tristan And Maralee’s Case

As it appears, Tristan is planning that the controversy quietly dies down without him getting involved in paying child support for almost a decade to come 

The player from Chicago Bulls was dragged into the controversy and was sued by Maralee for being the father of her child in the last month of the previous year, dragging him in this legal battle that he seems so desperate to avoid.

Is Tristan Really The Father Of Maralee’s Child

Seeing the tide of the situation turning against him, Tristan himself went ahead and confirmed paternity earlier this year in the month of January

As the case continues to go on, the legal faculties of both sides are privately handling the matter.

Although the case against the basketball player had been dismissed in the courts of Texas in the month of December the previous year only, the case in California continues, in the month of March this year, Maralee Nichols had her lawyers file the new documents requesting the court to order Tristan to provide all sort of financial aid for their child, a boy by the name of Theo.

The lawyers of the former member of the Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to postpone as much as they can and delay the appearance.

When the controversy began during the last month of the previous year, Tristan although confirmed having sex with Maralee but denied making any comment about the fact that whether he was the father of her child or not.

Reaction Of Tristan’s Former Partner At The News

When in January, Tristan went ahead to announce that he was actually the father of Maralee Nichols child, he also made a public apology to his ex-girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, who was in a relationship with Tristan during the time of conception of Maralee’s baby.

The Kardashian appeared on her show and went on express her disapproval about it, how she was heartbroken and felt betrayed at the news