Today’s show host Jeanna Bush Hager pushed by Justin Sylvester 

Justin Sylvester pushed away Jenna Bush Hager during Today’s show

While appearing and featuring as a guest with Andy Baraghani for a cooking and culinary section of Today’s show, it appears that Justin Sylvester felt his personal space was being invaded by Jeanna Bush Hager, who also happens to be the host of the show. The episode which had the physical struggle aired on Wednesday that went by, that is the 10th of august.

What had happened between Jeanna Bush Hager and Justin Sylvester

Andy Baraghani and Justin Sylvester had been invited to be featured in the Today’s show for a segment that involved cooking, the episode was being hosted by Jeanna Bush Hager, while the featuring guests were being briefed and were receiving instructions on how to proceed to cook the roasted chicken, Jeanna Bush Hager had seemed to cross her limits when she went around and put an arm over the shoulder of Justin Sylvester, who at first, lightly removed it, but then it looked like Jeanna wasn’t done yet, so she went ahead and tried to come close to him again, Justin, on the other hand, was done with this behavior of Jenna which invaded his privacy, decided to push away the participant of Beverly Hills Nannies.


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Netizens react to Jeanna Bush Hager’s Behavior 

The actions of the Today’s Show host Jeanna Bush Hager did not go down well with the netizens, they took to the various platforms of social media and began to criticize her behavior on the show with Justin Sylvester. Many went on to say how Jeanna did not clearly took no for an answer and without any regard for his consent continued to repeatedly try to touch him, many noted the obvious discomfort on the face of Justin Sylvester and his constant attempts at first to politely shrug off the advances made by Jeanna.


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