A consequence of Joseph Quinn rift leads to the loss of 200K followers on Instagram 

Doja Cat

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Recently a rift is going on between the Doja Cat and Noah Schapp who is popularly known for his work in Stranger Things. Doja Cat approached Noah Schapp to contact Joseph Quinn. Noah released the personal chats with Doja Cat publicly.  It cost Doja Cat a loss of 200K followers on Instagram. This whole issue created a sensation on Instagram and brought several opinions on board for everyone. 

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What happened between Doja Cat and Noah Schapp?

This season came with a bang and was admired by the fans and made new fans. Stranger Things Season 4 created a sensation among youngsters. The new entry of Eddie Munson was admired a lot by the people, especially by females. Joseph Quinn played the role of Eddie in the show. Doja Cat in the end approached Noah for her help.

Doja Cat admired Joseph Quinn, and she wanted to have a conversation with Quinn. However, she was not able to do anything to get in contact with him. Apparently, she approached Noah for the same. She messaged Noah to ask him to help her get in contact with Quinn. Noah even shared Quinn’s details including his Instagram id. She even asked whether Joseph had any girlfriend or not. 

However, in the end, Noah leaked their private conversation between him and Doja Cat. This buzzed whole social media. People started having conversations about the scenario going on between them. 


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Noah Schapp was criticized for his act

After leaking the conversation, Doja Cat also faced criticism, but more than that Noah Schapp faced more denouncement. The DMs between them were continuously reposted and people shared their opinions. Many stars also criticized his behaviour by stating this is not something a gentleman should do. Fans were outraged by this act and trolled Noah for doing the same. Stars including Andrew Schulz, also shared their opinion by stating that Doja Cat should have asked her manager to enquire about Joseph Quinn instead of going herself. However, he didn’t justify his act of Noah by stating that he should not have done this. His action was very embarrassing and unacceptable. 


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Why Doja Cat loses 200K followers?

Though Doja also criticized Noah’s act of posting her chats with him she also faced repercussions of the same. It seems that the tables have turned for her regarding the same. After this, it is seen that Schapp is having a hike in his follower list on Instagram. The increase of followers is to the extent that he has gained 1 million followers on IG. 

However, unfortunately, things are not the same with Doja Cat. She had to face backlash for the same. She lost approximately 200K on IG. 

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