Who is Emmanual the Emu, and the viral trend behind it on tiktok?

Emmanuel the emu TikTok

Credit: TikTok

A tiktoker, who also happens to be the owner of a farm having a variety of animals, is climbing the ranks of fame thanks to the very animals she keeps, special credit is due to one of them in particular, Emmanual the Emu who is in the constant habit to interrupt its owner while she is creating content for TikTok, we are sure that even you must have caught the sight of this famous Emu.

Emmanual the Emu trends on tiktok?

If you regularly choose to engage on TikTok, we are sure of the fact that you must have at least got a glimpse of this Emu at least once, well it won’t be wrong to say that even animals can make a name for themselves along with humans on a platform like Tiktok, cute, funny and adorable animals just make their way into our hearts, the TikTok Taylor Blake, who had to make content based on her farm and its animals and had been posting it on TikTok had been responsible for the creation of the trend of the Emmanual the Emu on TikTok.


Emmanual the Emu and other animals from the farm interrupt Taylor Blake while she makes TikTok

The TikTok Taylor Blake, who had begun her journey as a TikTok content creator, started by making videos on her farm animals that were informative and educational in nature, but what has actually drawn the attention of tiktok users is her being constantly interrupted by her animals, particularly the Emu, Emmanual the Emu.

Emmanual the Emu has made the habit to now appear in front of the camera while the tiktoker Taylor Blake is making her content, he would go on to hit the camera with his beak and would a make variety of expressions, and even though what appears to be vain attempts by Taylor to stop Emmanual the Emu, the bird has amassed a following of his own.