What is Talyn and Tish’s TikTok controversy over birthday party?

Talyn and Tish TikTok

Other trending stars are born on TikTok called Tish and Talyn. This happened after Tish’s video of her birthday party goes viral on various social media platforms. This made them gain huge popularity. After that, some online users pointed out that Tylan attacked Tish. This happened after there was a party mishappening involving Tish. These two women have given details about the event that occurred on social media. 

Fun at Tish’s Birthday Party

Women were seen enjoying their birthday party of Tish. The video of the fun party was circulated online but now it is deleted. They were having their party on a yacht. When you zoom into the video that was circulated, all we can see is Tish falling from the edge of the boat. However, she was rescued from her friends, in which Talyn was observed patting Tish’s back. 


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What happened between Talyn and Tish

Everything that was observed and seen between Tish and Talyn, shook the whole internet community. The users flooded the online platform where they accused Talyn has harassing Tish sexually. After that, both Talyn and Tisha were seen giving clarification on their own social media profile to give an answer to all the accusations. Both received a great amount of success on social media by having a hike on their followers list. Tish used her individual TikTok id to reply to all the Talyn accusers. She addressed Talyn stating that this is not appropriate, and she even apologized for everything that happened till now. She wrote this as a caption. 


She even wrote that she was trying to know and understand everything happening. She has been observed sped up and having thrust in her face. She added Talyn can easily watch me stumble. She further said this was not justified that how the matter was brought up by everyone. She said she owes an apology for what happened to her. Tish also used another social media platform Instagram to address the same issue. She also said that she had PTSD due to the whole scenario which occurred. She gave this statement on her Instagram profile. She clarified that she does not think that she was sexually molested by anyone.  


She justified Talyn’s behavior and said everyone was having their best time. She said she was enjoying her time and was being flirtatious. She said before she gets to know anything about the scenario whole internet started accusing Talyn.  She refused the statement by SA charges by saying it was not a bad touch. It was normal.