Andrew Schulz believes that Noah Schapp should have released Doja Cat’s messages. Here is the reason why?

Andrew Schulz

Andrew Schulz denounced Noah Schapp for releasing his messages with Doja Cat. The craze for Stranger Things is never-ending, especially after the coming of the fourth season. It has become an obsession for many youngsters due to the new season. Due to the interesting Cat in Joseph Quinn because of season four, there is a tiff going on. Andrew Schulz commented on the current tiff going on between them.

What are Joseph Quinn and Doja Cat’s links?

With this coming season or season 4, the fan base of Stranger Things has gone on a different level. Eddie Munson is the most loved and popular character for the whole season. If you are not aware let me tell you, Eddie is played by none other than Joseph Quinn. Quinn’s fanbase is increasing day by day including Doja Cat being Quinn’s fan.

Doja is a fan of Cat and wants to get in touch with him and have a conversation. When she was unable to get in direct contact with Joseph, she approached the actor that was Noah. To get help with Noah she sent a dm to him regarding the same.


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Why did Noah Schapp leak the DM of him with Doja Cat?

Both Noah Schapp and Doja Cat had a conversation regarding the matter of Joseph Quinn. In the DM it was written that Doja has feelings for Quinn and she also wrote her to wish to get in touch with him.

Doja Cat was not able to find the real social media account of the actor, Joseph Quinn. Noah shared Joseph’s real account profile with her in the chats.

The worst scenario comes when Noah without thinking about Doja’s feelings revealed the Dms publicly. However, it is acceptable that Doja didn’t like how Noah behaved. She even denounced Noah for sharing her chats online.


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What was Andrew Schulz’s reaction to this?

Discussing the scenario that is going on between both Noah and Cat, Andrew put forward his opinion to that. He said that Doja Cat should have asked her agent to contact to Quinn instead of doing it herself.

He further said that what Noah did was also not acceptable, he should have leaked the messages between both. He said it is a private conversation that was not meant to be released as it involves embarrassing someone (Doja Quinn).