Hit News On The Island Boys 

WATCH: Island Boys Make out with each other Video goes viral on Internet

WATCH: Island Boys Make out with each other Video goes viral on Internet

People on the internet want to “bleach” their eyes after viewing what the rappers did in a video. Last year, a TikTok video containing a song with their names went viral, making the rappers famous. They have been in the limelight for various reasons since last year’s viral video. The Florida twins end up making out in newly-surfaced videotape that has everyone buzzing. This news is attracting a huge amount of attention for all different purposes.


Island Boys are famous because of their hit songs and that’s why many people know them and are fans of their music, while others may have heard of them because of the interviews. These interviews have worked in their meteoric rise to popularity. After sharing a kiss in a widely shared video, they’ve once again become the centre of attention.While Florida twins Fly Soulja and Kodiyakredd partying on a boat with two other women, they were seen kissing each other at the same moment.

The video, which was shared on the Def Noodles Instagram account, has caused a flurry of comments from fans who can’t believe what they’ve just watched. The video can be viewed here, however it should be cautioned that it is not appropriate for children.



This isn’t the first time the Island Boys’ pranks have grabbed the public’s notice. Many individuals, according to social media comments, wish they hadn’t seen what the Islanders did. “I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing this,” said another in response to the same statement. “I wish I could go back in time to, when I had no clue this could happen,” one person commented. “Now I have to wipe my eyes out with soap.” “MY EYES, MY EYES,” one reader wrote, referencing Phoebe Buffay’s famous line from Friends.