Man who was responsible for the death of Nicki Minaj’s father gets a year behind bars 

Nicki Minaj’s dad’s killer

Credit: @Abarbieroom/Twitter and Nassau County PD

It appears that the judgement for Charles Polevich, the man who was responsible for the demise of Robert Maraj, the father to the singer Nicki Minaj, is now out, and according to the opinion of many on the internet, he is being let off the hook very easily since he was awarded with one year of time in prison for the hit and run case which resulted in the death of the father of Nicki Minaj, Robert Maraj, the court of justice declared its sentence on the Wednesday that went by, that was the 3rd of august, earlier this year in the month of may, the old man Charles had admitted his guilt in the hit and run case that took the life of Robert Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s father, apart from getting to face time behind bars for an year, Charles is also fined for an amount of around 5000 dollars and also had his driving license suspended for almost half an year, the charges of felony were levelled against him since he fled the scene of the accident, he had also been charged with trying to mislead the court since he was trying to hide evidence and proof his guilt, the original punishment that was meted out to Charles was to last about 7 years of prison time, but the judge presiding over the case, considering the old age and the previously clean record of no crime of the accused, decided to go easy on him made the suitable changes in the sentence. Instead of acting like a responsible citizen and calling for aid the hit man, Charles chose to flee the scene and made attempts to hide his vehicle.     

Fans of Nicki Minaj react to the punishment of Charles polevich

It appears that many fans are now of the opinion that a lot of yet uneccesary mercy was shown on the person which resulted in the death of the father of Nicki Minaj, they believe that the court of justice was very gentle in giving out the punishment and almost failed in its duty to give justice to the singer and her family,