“We’re going on hiatus now,” Suga of BTS. Hybe clarifies that it’s not a Hiatus!

Suga of BTS


BTS is taking a break, but the mega-popular Korean boy band is adamant that they are not breaking up.

“We’re going on hiatus right now,” Suga stated in a more than hour-long video posted to YouTube on Tuesday with English subtitles.

BTS will continue to collaborate on projects as a group as well as individually, according to a statement from Hybe, the South Korean entertainment firm behind them. The most popular K-pop boy band is not taking a hiatus. they are only going to work more towards their solo career and take more solo projects.

Members earlier announced that they will go on a ‘Hiatus’

BTS members announced on Tuesday, during their 9th anniversary live stream that they will be taking a “hiatus” to pursue their own projects. The members made the announcement during their annual Festa meal, which also serves as a celebration of the group’s 9th anniversary and is live-streamed. In the hour-long film, the members also drank, joked, and reflected on their past together. Later this summer, J-Hope will headline Lollapalooza on his own in Chicago. Following BTS’ Grammy-nominated previous several hits, RM, the group’s leader, remarked that he “didn’t know what type of group we were anymore,” later adding that members were “exhausted.” “BTS has always stood out to me as different from other groups. 


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Why did BTS want a break?

The problem with K-pop, and idol culture in general, is that it prevents you from maturing. You need to keep making music and accomplishing something… I needed to reflect and spend some time alone because I’ve matured as a person over the previous ten years. 

Statement by Hybe

However, hours later of the announcement by BTS about going on Hiatus, their agency Hybe released an statement that the boys are not taking a hiatus, they will still be working on projects as a group but they will be more focused on their solo career. The stament gave a sigh of relief to the earlier devastated fans. However fans are supportive of whatever decision their favourite boy band is taking and are thankful of the 9 years they dedicated to their army. Army is happy to see members taking step for their own progress and towards their life. they are not going to disband but just live apart for sometime and continue to give hit and record breaking tracks to their army.