Gleycy Correia, Miss Brazil Passes Away At 27


Credit: Lucas Zimbeba/Instagram @gleicycorreia

 One time holder of the title Miss Brazil, Gleycy Correia passes away at 27, it is said that this happened some complication occurred during her regular tonsil operation, she is said to have comatose for around the past two months after she had a heart attack, her demise occurred at a private clinic where she was admitted on Monday.

Gleycy Correia Was In Coma And Had No Activity In The Brain

The former Miss Brazil title holder had been in coma for about past two months after she had been through a very serious heart attack, and her brain showed zero activity, she was taken to Forensic Medical Institute of her town of Macae where the body went under Autopsy, Tuesday was selected as the day for her burial and her last rites to be conducted on that day.


Credit: @gleycycorreia/Newsflash

What Happened That Led To The Former Miss Brazil’s Demise 

Despite where she was at the time of her demise, the former Miss Brazil title holder had clearly very humble beginnings, she also boasted expertise in the field of permanent makeup and deftly used tattoos to bring about permanent alterations to the face and make them mimic natural features of one’s face.

It is said that Gleycy Correia, the former holder of the title of Miss Brazil suffered Bleeding at first, which in tow, was followed up by a major heart attack.

It is said that she began to face problems roughly after five days of having a surgery for removal of tonsils, she then suffered a very severe heart attack which led to her being comatose, her brain slowly over the period of time, stopped all functions and ceased any and all sort of neurological activity, and today as the brain ceased to function completely she was declared dead.   

The family and the people close to the former beauty queen suspect that it was the result of hospital negligence that Gleycy died and they lost her.