Jon Hill, Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband dies at 33

Jon Hill, Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband dies at 33

On the Thursday that went by, which was the 11th of August, Jaclyn Hill revealed the news of the demise of her former husband to the public.

Jaclyn Hill took to social media to share the news

The famous YouTuber Jaclyn who is best known for her video tutorials about make-up and cosmetics, took to her official handle on the social media and photo-sharing platform Instagram where she revealed the news of the demise of her former husband Jon Hill, which she mentioned was at the request of the family of her ex-husband, she posted the slide which had a message from the Hill family, which stated that Andrew Jonathan Hill, better known as Jon Hill, passed away on the 10th of August, it stated how everyone in the family is devastated by the news.


How did Jon Hill die?

Jaclyn, who is the founder of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics, had tied the knot with her ex-husband Jon Hill in the year 2009, but only roughly a decade later, Jaclyn had announced that they would be going their separate ways since they were failing to get along as a couple and were fairly incompatible, in the year 2019, Jon Hill mentioned how his drug abuse had been the reason why Jaclyn chose to walk away from her. Jon had mentioned that how he was so much dependent on such medication and drugs that he would have fits and seizures and how it was affecting his relationship with his then wife Jaclyn Hill, he said soon Jaclyn decided she was not willing to put with the addiction of Jon and that she would have none of it, Jon admits how he was very late in winning his struggle against addiction, how he would miss the moments he would spend with his former wife and how they were beautiful and memorable to him