Finally, Apple is releasing Will Smith’s “Emancipation” after the Oscar Slap.

Finally, Apple is releasing Will Smith’s “Emancipation” after the Oscar Slap.

Earlier the company postponed the film’s release due to the backlash Will smith was facing after the 2022 Oscar.

Why did Apple postpone the film’s release?

On 28th March 2022, at the Academy Awards Ceremony. (The Oscars), there is a disagreement between Chris Rock and Will Smith which leads to a Massive controversy when Will Smith loses his temper and slaps Chris Rock.

The audience and the ceremony officials also get very upset with Will Smith after this they decide to ban him from the Oscars for the next 10 years even though the audience was not so happy with Will Smith, during this whole scenario Apple was not willing to take a risk with the production as the lead is suffering from an image problem.

Here is about the first film of Will Smith after the Oscar Slap.

On Monday, Apple officially released the trailer of the movie “Emancipation” the trailer was captioned “ an enslaved man began a journey to, reach his family in this powerful film is inspired by a true story” the film is going to premiere in theatre on December 2 and will be shortly available on the streaming platforms on Dec 9.

The director of the Movie, Antoine Fuqua said how the apple was standing as a pillar to support us and our movie Apple never stop talking about the film even after the Oscars incident which gives us hope that one day everything will be fine.

Will Smith’s thoughts on the movie after suffering from a lot this year.

On Monday, the American actor took to Instagram to announce firstly, he uploads the trailer and later captions as it was one of the hardest times for me this time I made a film with tears, blood and sweat.

He also mentioned Apple in his caption and said a big thanks to Apple who was always there to support and also for staying committed to the project.