Eliza Fletcher, Who Has Been Abducted  Family Is Appealing For Support From The Public.


Credit: Fox News


Memphis police arrested a 38-year-old charge in the case of abducted Eliza 

Fletcher is the mother of two young ones and she is also working as a teacher in Memphis, Tennessee last Friday she was there for a morning jog but didn’t come home her family starts worrying about her and went to the police and reported her missing at 7:45 am police also looked more deeply when they got a call from University of Memphis and then the cops got real and start looking forward for the violence and got CCTV footage where the vehicle of interest a dark colored GMC terrain was spotted and then they got in action and within sometimes a 38-year-old suspect Cleotha Abston But still, policies are left with no clue and Eliza Fletcher is still missing

 On Saturday night mike Keeney, uncle of Eliza Fletcher appealed that we want our Eliza back  

 He also released a video where he is thanking the Memphis police department, TBI (Tennessee of Investigation), and the FBI he also mentions how they can see that Eliza has been attached to several hearts and he believes that Eliza will soon be with them because their prayer and support will never let them down. mention by Kenny 

This video was shooted with their family members including Richard Fletcher ||| husband of Eliza Fletcher who seems to be very upset and frightened as her wife is missing from last night 

Police also tell something more worrying from where Eliza was abducted they found several personal things of her found laying on the ground which shows the struggle she had to fight they also told that there was a dark sub spotted at the suspicious location 

Police have also said that we are sure there is someone who can tell us the truth to know.