BLACKPINK’s Jennie shared her Self-care Routine video on YouTube to surprised her fans



The k-pop sensation Jennie’s of Blackpink has always been lovely to her fans and always left them surprised with her personality and with her stuff. Her fans always love her as a person , as she owns herself. Her fans also love her dressing sense and although she doesn’t disappoint them.

She owned a YouTube channel named “Jennierubyjane Official” with 8.38 Million subscribers. On that channel she mostly posts travel and vlog videos to keep her fans entertained.

She is a role model for many youngsters and this isn’t easy for her to manage the both lifestyle with self-care. In her latest video she seen to discuss about her YouTube channel and back days she post it too. In an statement she also told that she would love to explore the comment sections of her vlogs and videos.

Jennie reads the comment of her fans in the latest YouTube video of hers 

On the suggestion of Jennie’s co-worker she browsed through the comment and scrolled it up and Jennie randomly put her finger on a comment and her secretary read that comment out loud.

Jennie explored the comment section of her videos and went straight to her ‘Hawaii Vlog’ section , which she had uploaded a month back. Her secretary told that she was overwhelmed while reading  the comment section.


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Sometimes she even blushed too while reading those sweet and heartwarming comments. In a comment ‘Jayne Alexander’ commented , “It’s always my favorite scene when Nini goes shopping. Cuteness overloaded.” There were so many comments in so many languages. After reading the sweet and heart filling English comments she goes through the Korean comments and she reads that out loud and then blushes. BLACKPINK’s Jennie fans never gave a chance to fade her smile away.