Is Gladys Knight dead in 2022? The truth behind the rumors 

Is Gladys Knight died in 2022

Photo by Monica Morgan/Getty Images

Is Gladys Knight really dead or she is the next victim chosen by some YouTubers to make her the part of their next clickbait thumbnail? You may have heard the fake news and death hoax of multiple celebrities on social media, but this time the news of a specific celebrity has a got a lot of attention and is spreading on the internet like a jungle fire.

News of Gladys Knight’s death trends on Youtube

Just like the usual with these types of hoaxes and fake news, it begins with one post, and that one post is shared by multiple users around the social media knowingly and unknowingly and then goes viral and spreads all across the internet like wildfire, the news began when a YouTube channel by the name of Allan Radio posted a video which detailed the supposed demise of the singer Gladys Knight, it was designed to be easily trusted and the posts got well over million views.

Is Gladys Knight really dead?

Regardless of the fact that whether you are an admirer of the singer Gladys Knight and her works, you would be delighted to know that she is not dead and all the information regarding her demise was fake to begin with, the posts that were shared online, what added fuel to the fire was the fact that Gladys knight is not a regular social media user so she did not even get the news very quick and did not clarify it either. She is completely fine and no harm has come to her, she was just another victim who fell prey to the hoax about celebrity deaths that happen online almost on a daily basis.

Internet Users react to the rumor of Gladys Knight’s death

At first the news of the singer Gladys Knight’s demise was shocking and sad for everyone, but as soon as the questions of validity of the news began to arise, it was clear that the news was fake and all of it was a hoax, to the relief of everyone.