Naomi Judd leaves her daughters Wynonna and Ashley willingly

Naomi Judd ‘left out’ her daughters Wynonna

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Nothing can be hidden in this digital century. Another news came which created a buzz among people. Naomi Judd willingly leaves her daughters Wynonna and Ashley from her final Will and testimony. 

Naomi leaves her both daughters from her Will

Naomi Judd, unfortunately, took her own life. She did it from her self-inflicted gun at her residence. She used to reside at Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. The incident took place in April 2022. She rested in peace at 76. As per the legal court documents N Judd has given the name of her 33-year-old husband called as Larry Strickland as the new owner of her estate after her death. She committed suicide, unfortunately. 


As per the legal documents she wrote that she nominates and appoints her husband named Larry Strickland as the legal executor of her properties. She further wrote that if her husband fails to fulfill the duties then the second person she appoints is her brother-in-law named Reginald Strickland, along with Daniel Kris Wiatr as the second executor. She further wrote that through her will the Strickland will possess all the authority and discretion over her property and all kinds of assets mentioned in her estate. Furthermore, she wrote that they need not have to be the approval of the honorable court or any beneficiary of her estate. 

Naomi Judd ‘left out’ her daughters Wynonna and Ashley

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The infamous artist of the country clearly stated that through her will the 76-year-old singer will be entitled to get reasonable compensation for all the services. She also wrote that he would be compensated for all the expenses, advances, and other things that are justified. This also includes attorney’s and accountant’s fees and another kind of disbursement. Anything made for the administration of her own estate.

More about Naomi’s testimony 

 As per the documents, Naomi Judd decided and prepared her will and testimony almost 5 years back. She prepared it on 20th November 2017. This is pretty back from her death. As per the sources, Judd was of sound mind and eliminating memory when she signed her testimony. You might not know but Naomi has suffered and struggled through depression for more than half of her life. As per the reports by an outlet, Wynonna is not satisfied as she was not a part of her mother’s testimony. Along with that, she was part of the duo that was popular, the Judds and the Nioami duo. She is also confident about the fact that she is behind the success of her mama, Naomi. The Judds were actually very famous in the country songs for their mother-daughter duo. The duo was so powerful that they were undefeated. They backed the major awards of the country for not one, two, or three but for 8 consecutive years.