Love at first sight of Luke Bryan’s & Wife Caroline Boyer Bryan

Luke Bryan met his wife in a very unique way like it is a scene of a movie

For one it was love at first sight. Bryan has stated, “It took me eight seconds to figure it out—and it took her roughly eight years to figure it out.” They met at Dingus Magee’s, a college pub in Statesboro, Georgia. Bryan, a college senior at the time at Southern Georgia University, said it took him eight seconds to fall in love with the blue-eyed beauty he saw that night.

Boyer, a student who had just been at campus for a week, found his forthrightness a touch odd. ” I’d never visited a bar before. Boyer said in a 2019 podcast, “I was so sheltered growing up in a really tiny community, and I’d had the same guy since eighth school.” “I was gazing at Luke like, ‘Is this man for real?’ because his charisma was so enormous.” He was the second man I had ever kissed. Ever.”

When did Luke Bryan tie the knot?

When did Luke Bryan tie the knot?

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The pair married in a tiny ceremony on the island of Turks & Caicos on Dec. 8, 2006, before he became a celebrity. With “All My Friends Say,” he got his first huge hit the following year.

Bryan gave Boyer a finer ring on their 10th wedding anniversary than the one he proposed with all those years ago. ” It was a remembrance of our tenth anniversary.” He said at the time, “It seems like two millennia with me.” “I only did the bare minimum.”

What is Luke Bryan’s wife’s profession?

What is Luke Bryan's wife's profession?


Boyer, 41, used to work as a narcotics salesman. Boyer was also supportive of her husband in the start of their marriage. In 2018, he said on the Pickler & Ben podcast, when we got married, her profession supported me when I was making approximately $10,000 a year. She was the one who brought the dough in.

Boyer also runs a clothing line called Best Bad Influence, with all revenues going to the Brett Boyer Foundation, which she founded to raise awareness about congenital heart disease in honor of her brother’s late daughter. Brett’s Barn, a tiny animal farm visited by children from St. Jude’s, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, and other institutions, is also maintained by her. ” We enjoy these critters just like everything. It’s a very magical place, and we can feel Brett’s presence every day,” Boyer says.

Is Luke Bryan a father?

Is Luke Bryan a father?

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Thomas Boyer “Bo” Bryan, who was born on March 18, 2008, and Tatum “Tate” Christopher Bryan, who was born on August 11, 2010, are Bryan and Boyer’s two boys. They now have three additional children: Jordan (now 26), Kris (now 23), and Til, the offspring of his sister (now 20).


Luke Bryan’s marriage is strong, but how does he maintain it that way?

Luke Bryan's marriage is strong

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Bryan revealed in 2013 that he keeps close to his wife in a variety of ways, including spending nights out together and foot massages, as well as talking out problems before they develop. 

He also enjoys the fact that his wife isn’t constantly enthralled by his achievements. He says, “She’s always been the one who isn’t drinking all of my Kool-Aid.” “She pulls the reins back when I’m being polished up.” She tells it as it is.”