Who exactly is LeeAnn Kreischer, wife of Bert Kreischer?

A podcaster, writer or reality television personality. What would we call her?

LeeAnn Kreischer

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LeeAnn Kreischer is a podcaster, writer, and actress from the United States. Bert Kreischer, a stand-up comedian, reality television personality, and actor, is her husband. LeeAnn grew up in a little Georgia town and met Bert Kreischer when she was nearly 30. She was working as a writer at that time. At first, she didn’t believe their relationship would work.

Bret Kreischer & LeeAnn Kreischer

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She was truly interested in him after they spent significant time together for the first time. Soon after, they began dating. They exchanged wedding vows in December 2003. They now live in Los Angeles, California, with their two daughters. She has the regrettable distinction of being a frequent subject of her husband’s humorous performances. She has been on his podcast, Bercast, several times. She hosts her own podcast, ‘Wife of the Party,’ from her husband’s “man cave” in their home.

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LeeAnn has no recollection of her first two meetings with Bert Kreischer. At the time, they were both following their own aspirations in Hollywood. He certainly left an impression on her on their third meeting, which took place at a bowling alley. She then asked her friend, who was also his roommate at the time, for her phone number. When he didn’t call after five days, she called the roommate to inquire. Kreischer had reportedly flirted with her in the bowling alley, and she was perplexed as to why he had not called her. As it turned out, he’d never asked a female out on a date before and had no idea how to go about it.

LeeAnn Kreischer with daughter


She persuaded him to ask her out. He did, and they’ve been dating ever since. They tied the knot in December 2003. Georgia and Ila are their two daughters. LeeAnn is very active on Instagram, where she routinely publishes photos and videos from her personal life.