Why did Jeff Dunham’s new wife file a lawsuit against ex-wife?

Jeff Dunham’s recent wife Audrey Dunham get against his ex-wife Paige


Paige was born in Savannah, Georgia on March 13, 1968. She grew up on Florida’s Amelia Island. She and her family relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida, when she was in middle school, where she completed her high school career.


She also began taking dance lessons at her family’s dance studio. Paige went on to Clemson University in South Carolina, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


Paige met her ex-husband, Jeff Dunham, in 1994 during her career. She already had one daughter, Bree Aleece, with an unnamed guy at the time. They dated for three months before getting engaged. On August 13, 1994, they married. In the same year, Jeff Dunham’s ex-wife developed a database for his internet fan club, which helped him win the Best Male Stand-Up Comic award at the 1997 American Comedy Awards. She also created and marketed newsletters under his name.


Paige Dunham was not just Jeff’s wife, but also one of his coworkers. It’s worth mentioning that she’s credited with the most of his early professional success. She helped him write stuff and come up with program concepts.


She founded Brasma Publications in 1999 as a continuation of the family business, which had previously published Dear Walter in 2003. She established the Jeff and Paige Foundation in 2006 with the goal of assisting those in need. For a while, the charity received 100% of the revenues from their eBay store, as well as $1 from each ticket sold to one of Jeff’s comedy gigs. 

Their charity and the Ronald McDonald House of Houston delivered a $35,000 check to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund in the same year. Paige became a motivational speaker for women going through divorce after the couple’s marriage ended in 2012. After that, Jeff Dunham’s first wife, Paige Dunham, founded her own charity, The Paige Dunham Foundation. She is currently employed as an executive film producer. Her films include The Face of Love, which aired in 2013, and Last Days in the Desert, which aired in 2016.

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She met the stand-up comic after returning to West Palm Beach with her firstborn daughter. Jeff Dunham and his wife dated for three months before getting engaged. In Los Angeles, California, on August 13, 1994, the pair exchanged wedding vows.

Los Angeles became the new home for the new family. Jeff Dunham became Paige’s legal guardian after adopting her first-born daughter. The couple had Ashlyn Evelyn, their first-born daughter, in 1995, and Makenna Paige, their second-born daughter, two years later.

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What was the reason behind Jeff Dunham and his wife’s divorce?

Just as their career and business were taking off, the couple began to have marital issues. Jeff filed for divorce in 2008, while Paige sought for separation. The divorce of Jeff Dunham was finalized in 2012. Audrey Murdick is the current name of Jeff Dunham’s wife. She was his personal trainer. In 2012, the pair married, the same year that Jeff’s divorce was finalized.

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Was Paige Dunham’s new wife suing her?

Audrey launched a lawsuit against Jeff’s ex-wife, Paige, in 2015, alleging that Paige had registered many domains under the name “Audrey Dunham” without Audrey’s authorization, even before Audrey adopted her husband’s surname.

Audrey filed a claim for $100,000 in damages for each domain name, as well as an unfair competition suit. The fate of the case is still uncertain as of 2021.

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