What is the story behind the marriage of Action Bronson & wife?

Acton Bronson


Ariyan Arslani, popularly known as Action Bronson, was birthed in Flushing, New York, on December 2, 1983. 

Action Bronson rapping on stage

Conversations About Her

He is a rapper from the United States who also works as a writer, chef, and television host. F***That Delicious, Bronson’s cooking show, is maybe his most well-known effort.

His popular track “Baby Blue,” which he wrote along with Chance the Rapper, has received over 113 million Spotify plays, and his net worth is estimated to be about $10 million.

Action Bronson Valeria Salazar


Valeria Salazar- his girlfriend/ his wife

Action Bronson’s first public declaration about his relationship with Valeria was made in 2017. The couple, on the other hand, keeps their personal lives private.

Valeria Salazar


Valeria is the founder of The Mothership Portal, a website that allows women to showcase their artistic abilities. She is a social worker with a license.

Bronson claims that his wife had an 18-hour labor during the last semester of pregnancy with their baby in November 2019. During the labor, he played several forms of music, including Peruvian flute music, but it was playing DMX that tempted the baby to come out, according to Joe Rogan.

Bronson has three children in all. He has two young children, Elijah and Hannah, with an ex-girlfriend.


Pregnent Valeria Salazar


As a token of love, the duo who have tied themselves in the beautiful knots of marriage welcomed their first child- Benicio, baby boy on November 11th, 2019. When it comes to naming their child, the name is actually taken from Spanish and the meaning of it is “benevolent one” which means the one who has a kind-heart. Their son is of mixed ethnicity as his father is of Albanian Muslim and Jewish ancestry background.

Tattoo photos of Acton Bronson

The New York Times

We all know that Bronson is a tattoo lover. Our dude is completely covered with tattoos from head to toe. There are a wide range of tattoos available, from tribal to a pajama-clad wolf to our personal favorite, Godzilla vs Barkley. The tattoos on his chest and belly, however, are what truly attracted our attention. Bronson has his children’s names and his girlfriend’s photo tattooed on his body. On the middle and right sides of his chest, he has inscribed the names of both his children, Hannah and Elijah. While on the right side of his tummy, he has a tattoo of his lovely wife Valeria. She has their gorgeous puppy, Coco, in her arm in the crafted tattoo.