How can you clean shower with dishwasher tablets?

Cleaning shower with dishwasher tablets seems to be doubtful.

clean shower with dishwasher tablets


Is it possible to clean a shower with dishwasher tablets? It turns out that you are capable of doing so. While this may not be the most cost-effective use of your cleaning products due to the high cost of dishwasher tablets, it will clean your shower. You should, however, be prepared to scrub fairly hard.

Cleaning Showers with Dishwasher Tablets

If you’re in the mood for a thorough cleaning of your shower or tub and your arm muscles are up to the task, dishwasher tablets are a good option. This endeavour will necessitate the use of a dishwasher tablet (ideally one without a wrapper, such as Finish Powerball), a container of warm water, rubber gloves, and a microfiber cloth or Ziploc bag, according to Taste of Home.


To begin, soak the dishwasher tablet in a warm water container. Allow the outside layer to become completely saturated so that it dissolves and you can get to the soap inside. Then put on your rubber gloves and take the tablet from the table. It may be easier to handle the tablet with a soft cloth or a Ziploc bag so that it does not come into contact with your gloves, which can become slippery as you work.


Rub the tablet against the wall anywhere soap scum is visible in your shower. You may require more than one tablet depending on the amount of buildup you’re trying to remove. When you’re done, give the area a thorough rinse with hot water.

Cons of Cleaning Showers with Dishwasher Tablets

A dishwasher tablet’s abrasive nature, along with the powerful cleaning ingredients it contains, can go a long way toward keeping your shower spick and span.


However, the most significant disadvantage of using a dishwashing tablet to clean a shower is that it is time consuming. The tablets are little, and moving them around to cover the entire shower takes a lot of effort. The tablet grows slippery while you work, making grasping it difficult. As a result, your hands and fingers may get sore. Additionally, when you press the tablet down and move it around the shower, your arm will get a good workout.


Furthermore, the material used to construct your shower may have an impact on the efficiency of a dishwasher tablet. This approach worked well on metal sections of the shower, like faucets and handles, according to Real Homes. When they used the tablet on tiles and grout lines, though, they couldn’t tell the difference. You’ll notice a bigger difference if your shower is heavily clogged with soap scum.