Kim Kardashian came up with a new crime podcast “The System”

Kim Kardashian the system

Kim Kardashian’s podcast “The System” launched on Oct. 3. (Spotify)

The reality television star Kim Kardashian added a new podcast to her empire, the podcast is based on Crime scenes and investigations, hence it is named “The system”.

Kim Kardashian signed a deal with Spotify regarding the podcast on September 2020.

In an interview with a media outlet, the reality star said that the first episode of “The System” comes with a crazy story of a boy who is life sentence to a triple homicide.

Although Kardashian didn’t dive into details, still she told that there are many twists and turns in the plotting of the story, and we are going to give the best example to the public so that they will think that they are with us in search of truth.

Kim Kardashian

Photo by Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian’s love for crime scenes and law.

In the same interview, the founder of SKIMS said that because of this project I was able to find my love for crime investigations which further lead me to land in a law school.

There she got very connected with the women who are given life sentences for drug issues and some serious issues with their husbands and wife, Kim Kardashian said even I have done some shit in my life but after coming here now I am releasing that I was a few step away to land here too.

Kim Kardashian the system

Kim Kardashian is adding a true crime podcast to her mega empire. (Spotify)

Kim Kardashian wants to start a project “The Justice project” in which she will fight for those who are in jail for no reason. 

After spending her days well in law school the reality star wants to help those who are sentenced wrongly, in an interview with some media outlets she said that after completing her degree she will help more and more people to make the world truthful and a happier place to live.