Tom Hank is Quite a Confidence about his four “pretty Good” movies.

Tom Hank is Quite a Confidence about his four “pretty Good” movies.

Source: Fox News

The famous American actor Tom Hank, who has starred in several movies recently said that just four movies of mine are pretty good.

A book written by Tom Hank tells about the filmmaking process.

Recently, the American actor wrote a book titled “The making of another motion picture Masterpiece”, while giving an interview with some media outlets Tom tells about the movie-making process.

He said that book contains certain characters which he met on the movie set or outside, he specially mentioned that all the characters present in the book have given him a specific philosophy of living 

In the interview, Tom said he thinks only four movies are great from the list of movies made by him.

In the recent interview, Tom also talked a lot about Filmmaking the idea before the movies from where the creativity comes later in the interview he said.

A source for the story can back as many years in history as sometimes the whole movie is just based on a single incident from a person’s life Hank even said that most people think they knew how movies are made but the truth is no one knows anything about the process.

Although I have made a tone of movies still, I always wonder that his thinks come together to form a scenario and the scene becomes so real from imagination, the whole process is a miracle said, Tom Hank.

Tom Hank’s thoughts about films and filmmaking.

In the same interview, Tom said that movie-making is the greatest job of all time, although it is not as easy as it looks, filmmaking is one of the toughest works to do in the world, 

Tom has begun his career in film-making in the 1980s some of his most prominent works are Forest Gump,  saving private Ryan and Cast Away 

Tom was seen on the screen for the last time with Austin Butler in the movie Elvis.