Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa spotted kissing while having a date: Dating humour is spreading like fire.

Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah Photographed Kissing in NYC, Spark Dating Rumors

The Comedian Trevor Noah who was previously in a relationship with Minka Kelly has been spotted kissing while on a date with Dua Lipa 

The photo of the kissing couple is spreading like fire all over the city.

On a date on Wednesday night, the Comedian Trevor Noah and the singer Dua Lipa were spotted kissing each other sparking romance, they both dined at the Jamaican spot situated in the east Village neighborhood of NYC.

The two were pictured by the neighbors living near the restaurant. A witness said that the couple was really into each other, even though they didn’t go to a normal dinner table they chose, a corner one to enjoy their privacy and spark their romance more.

The two went out together and embraced their date with a kiss while saying bye to each other.

Although representatives of Noah and Lipa have been quiet since the photo leaked out, recently Noah left his show “The daily show” which he was doing for the past seven years. 

Everything about Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa’s life.

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian who was born on 20 February 1984, whereas Dua Lipa is an American singer born on 22 August 1995 in London, United Kingdom, 

The couple first met at Grammy when Noah was hosting and Dua was performing before Trevor Noah there were humorous between Dua and Anwar Hadid the humour first popped up in 2019, and then the couple official it in 2020 but after the pandemic, the relationship also broke 

Trevor Noah was also reported dating actress Minka Kelly but this relationship also doesn’t last too long and eventually, the couple meet in the corona pandemic broke on May 2022.

A magazine said that the comedian was focusing on his work for the past few months but now he is back in the dating game and having a good time with Dua Lipa.