7 Awkward Britney Spears Moments that Were Caught On Camera

These most shocking public appearance of Britney Spears would make you think awkward about her


 Twitter Battle in 2015

Iggy Azalea started a Twitter feud with Britney Spears, implying that she blamed her for the failure of their “Pretty Girls” song duet. Spears didn’t lose a beat in responding with some cryptic shade, despite later claiming the tweet wasn’t directed at her fellow singer and blaming the media for fueling the flames.

 Twitter Battle in 2015 britny spears


Quit due to poor performance in 2013

After rumours that her employer, Simon Cowell, was planning to dismiss her for being “boring,” Spears said her goodbyes to the “X Factor.”

Britney spears in live show


Fights & Feet in 2008

Later that year, the pop star and Sam Lutfi, her manager and pal, got into a screaming match over paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Britney was seen sobbing on the sidewalk in front of her house, barefoot, in denim hotpants, with her dog at the end of the conflict. Britney, seen here with Lutfi and Ghalib, obtained restraining orders against both men a year later.

Britney image crying and barefoot


Custody Battles and Hospital Stays in 2008

The cops arrived at Spears’ home after another altercation with ex Federline, in which Spears refused to hand their two sons to him. She was transported to the hospital after it was discovered that she was under the influence of an unknown substance.

britney spears stretcher

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Jumped Red Lights in 2007

Spears was caught by paparazzi driving carelessly in the middle of a highly eventful year. With her two sons in the rear seat, she ran a red light and made an unlawful turn.

Awkward Britney Spears Moments



Umbrella Attack in 2007

Spears, still bald, attacked a photographer’s car with a green umbrella when she pleaded for privacy. She had just returned from a visit to her estranged husband Kevin Federline’s house and was in between rehab stays. Her paparazzi attack became so well-known that a Florida morning radio DJ placed photographs of her breakdown on billboards proclaiming “complete nut jobs.” After Britney’s team threatened legal action, the billboards were removed.

Britney hitting car with green umbrella

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New 2 Tattoos in 2007

Spears had two tattoos at Body & Soul tattoo parlour in Sherman Oaks, CA, after shaving her head: a cross on her hip and a kiss on her wrist. “I don’t want anyone touching me,” Spears stated when a stunned Body & Soul employee questioned why she had shaved her head. I’m sick of people touching me.”

britney spears tatoo

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