Uncomfortable Encounter: Michael Douglas with first wife Diandra Luker

Michael Douglas reflects on how tough it is to share a room with his ex-wife Diandra Luker.


Michael Douglas with first wife Diandra Luker


Michael Douglas, 76, and Luker, 65, were married for almost 13 years until divorcing in 2000. Cameron, their 42-year-old son, is their only child.


Following their divorce and Douglas’ subsequent marriage to current wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Ant Man actor and Luker shared their Mallorca house for an “uncomfortable” period of time, according to a translation of Douglas’ recent interview with the local Mallorca news site, Ultima Hora.


“It felt odd having s’Estaca with my ex-wife.” he said. Everyone found it tough to say farewell to loved ones. Now that everything is in line and the house is totally ours. He remarked, “I can say that I never wanted to leave.”


Michael or Diandra pic with kids

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“My children, grandkids, and their offspring will continue to arrive,” he added. I am confident that this island will be theirs for generations to come. This house belongs to my family and will remain thus in the future. Cameron, Dylan, and Carys are enamored with it. My daughter is fluent in Spanish.


Douglas observed that the current arrangement works well for Zeta-Jones after quoting the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life.”


Michael and Catherine eta Jones With Kids

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“My ex-wife is no more a partner with us,” he added, “so we have the house together and Catherine is incredibly happy here.” He subsequently described the Spanish island as “wonderful.”