Date Confirmed For Cuphead Season Two 


The talk of another season for the Cuphead show had been in the air for a while, and during the Geeked Week Event, Netflix revealed that the show will hit the platform in August of this year.

After the gigantic success of video game adaptations like Castlevania and Arcane, it was only natural for a classic franchise like Cuphead to shake hands with a streaming service like Netflix.

The Cuphead show’s first season premiered on Netflix on 18th of February this year, this marks the fourth video game adaptation made by Netflix over the past couple of years.

Not showing any signs to stop, Netflix even went ahead to order a third season for the show.

The Creator’s Take 

Earlier this year, the creator of the Cuphead show, Dave Wesson in an interview with Micheal Mallory of the Animation Magazine talked in great detail about the series.

Wasson went on to describe how they abandoned the traditional format of netflix which details 25-30 minute episodes, he and his team ensured a longer run time each episode.

He told the magazine that the order has been placed for 36 episodes.

MDHR Studios, the studio tasked with making Cuphead, claim that season two is under production.

The Mixed Public Reaction

The first season of the cuphead show opened to mixed reviews, with a 7.4 IMDb which can be considered good, its score on rotten tomato is also satisfactory with 75% from the audience and 69% from the critics.

The Comic appreciated the fun tone of the show and the effort to recreate the 30s style cartoon but still has potential for growth.

cuphead season 2

Although not every media outlet is so flowery and sugar in their remarks to the news of season two of Cuphead.

Dlc For The Game

A new DLC expansion pack is all set to release on 30th June this summer, titled the last delicious course, available on the platforms of Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC