Nick Bencivengo opens up after his breakup with Symonne Harrison

Nick Bencivengo

On the 10th of July, that was just yesterday, Nick Bencivengo and Symonne Harrison went public about them going separate ways as they announced the break up on youtube, they acknowledged that they were on good terms despite the break but both of them avoided to tell the reason of their separation.

The former couple had a long history of collaborating with each other on a professional level and had been very public about their affair, Symonne had been the first one who talked about the break up with Nick Bencivengo, she boasts a following of well over a million followers on Instagram.

Soon after, Nick too, went ahead and talked about him parting ways with Symonne Harrison


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Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo have broken up

In a video she posted on her account with about a million followers, Symonne said that she and Nick Bencivengo have decided to go separate ways and had broken up a week ago, in the video she talked in length about the happy and sad moments of their relationship and all the treasured memories she will always have with her.


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Nick wasn’t featured in the video with Symonne but he had made a statement of his own where he provided the audience with the perspective of his own, as we can guess by both Nick’s statement and Symonne’s video, the two are not currently speaking with each other.

Nick Bencivengo talks about his breakup

Only a few hours after the release of Symonne’s video, Nick Bencivengo shared a video on his own youtube channel, he acknowledged that the two aren’t on speaking terms anymore since the break up but he also made clear the fact that there was no drama, he went ahead to say that how Symonne was the only woman he loved and that he wished her well for the future, he did not made clear any reason for the break up to prevent giving away too much private information.