Ezra Miller under fire once again after being charged with felony and burglary 


Credit: Tim Wright / MEGA

It appears that despite playing the role of a man who can travel five times the speed of sound, Ezra Miller is still caught up by the consequences of his actions, as it appears in recent news, it looks like the Flash actor has been put behind bars for the third time after charges of felony and burglary were leveled against him in the city of Stamford in Vermont, after the local police had received complaints from a residence that several jugs of liquor have suddenly gone missing from their home when the police began investigating in the matter, they reviewed the footage retrieved from security surveillance cameras, in which the police identified the thief as Ezra Miller, following this, the actor was shortly found and was taken internally custody, this will be the third time Ezra Miller finds himself in trouble against the law, he had earlier been arrested by the law enforcement officers in Hawaii after a lot of serious allegations were thrown at him and the charges were pressed. Now the actor for the flash is all set to appear before the court of law in Vermont for his arraignment in September, on the 26th of the month, his earlier run-ins with the law were when he had been booked for disorderly conduct and an act of provocation at a bar, and not even a month had passed when he was booked again for a second-degree assault.

A string of allegations against Ezra Miller 

It appears, that mere bar fights and assault aren’t the only things in the long list of allegations against the actor from the flash, Tokota Iron Eyes, who is known for her work as an activist for the Native American people, her parents had filed for a restraining order against Ezra as they claimed that he had been grooming their daughter and of other inappropriate behavior from as early as she was twelve, however, Tokota has refuted these claims and had labelled them as misleading.