Why you ought to sleep on your left side?

sleep on left side

Sleeping on left side has its own benefits

We all sleep in different positions all night long. But do you know that we should always opt to sleep on our left side as it has ample of benefits. So it’s a bad news for all those back sleepers, stomach sleepers and right-side sleeper that are following their sleeping habit from long time and are unaware of benefits of sleep on left side.

  1. Helps your Heart

When we sleep on our left side, it becomes easier for the heart to circulate blood throughout the body and reduces the hard work of the heart.

  • Fight Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the most common action that we face after overeating. Having acid reflux after eating too much throughout the night makes us wake up at midnight. Sleeping on the left side could help to reduce the feeling of acid reflux.

  • Helps Lymph Nodes

Sleeping on right side could make our lymph node work slowly while sleeping on left side can benefit our lymph node. It helps to filter out liquids through our body more quickly.

  • Reduces Snoring

Are you getting tired of hearing your partner’s snoring? Does this snoring shaking you up at night or irritates you? Then sleep on the left side of your body can be the key to this problem. Do you know snoring also depends upon the sleeping posture? Sleeping on your back makes you snore louder. How? This is because when we are on our back our mouth, jaw, tongue are in a completely relaxed position results in louder snoring. You might be able to control you snoring by sleeping on your left side.

  • Good for Pregnant women

Side sleeping is known to be safe for babies. But when the question comes which side is better for pregnant women then experts recommended sleep on the left side as it is referred to as the ‘ideal’ scenario during pregnancy. Sleeping on left allows optimal blood flow from IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) which is the largest vein of the body.